Tuition and Financial Aid


K-8 Catholic (Per Month)

  • One Child $455
  • Two Children $735
  • Three Children $945

K-8 Non-Catholic (Per Month)

  • One Child $600
  • Two Children $935
  • Three Children $1,160

Note: To qualify for the Catholic rate, the student must be a baptized Catholic. Parents must be registered parishioners with church envelopes and are expected to contribute to their parish through the weekly envelope system.

These payments are scheduled in ten equal payments.

Payments are due the 15th of every month. Payments run from July to April.

***Late fees will be applied if payments are received after the due dates***

Tuition Schedule: TUITION SCHEDULE 2021

K-8 Católico (Por Mes)

  • Un hijo(a) $455
  • Dos niños $735
  • Tres niños $945

K-8 No Católico (Por Mes)

  • Un hijo(a) $ 600
  • Dos niños $935
  • Tres niños $1,160

Nota: Para ser aceptados a la matricula católica, el estudiante debe ser un católico bautizado. Los padres deben ser feligreses registrados, deben recibir los sobres de la iglesia, y se espera que ellos contribuyen a su parroquia a través del sistema de sobres semanales.

Estos pagos son divididos en diez pagos iguales.

Los pagos son el 15 de cada mes. Pagos corren de Julio a Abril.

*** Si los pagos se reciben después de las fechas debidas, se aplicará otro cobro ***

Calendario de Matricula TUITION SCHEDULE 2021

Financial Aid (Leer en español)

Tuition assistance is available! See our flyer here.

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grade K-8 who attend a Brooklyn or Queens Catholic School or Academy.

Families must meet financial eligibility requirements and be registered/enrolled for 2021-22 to be considered. No consideration will be given for a family who has not completed the enrollment process. Only completed financial aid applications will be considered.

TO APPLY: Go to the Scholarships page on the Futures in Education website. Note: Returning Teddy Forstmann recipients will receive instructions from Children’s Scholarship Fund. Do not apply through FACTS!

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: March 31, 2021 for families who received an award last academic year; April 30, 2021, for new families.

SUPPORT & HELP: FACTS has been selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition.

  • FACTS Applicant Support: Phone 866-441-4637
  • M-Th 8:30am- 8pm Est / Fri 8:30am-6pm Est
  • Email at