Parents and Guardians

2020-2021 School Reopening Survey


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Parent Responsibilities

Good discipline originates in the home. Parents are the first teachers of their children and need to help them to develop good habits and behavior.

Parents need to:

  • recognize that the teacher takes the place of the parent while the child is in school.
  • recognize that the teacher and parents are partners in the education of the child and COOPERATION is necessary.
  • teach the child respect for authority.
  • make sure that the child comes to school EVERY DAY.
  • make sure that the child is prepared for school and learning with all supplies including completed homework and assignments.
  • show an active interest in the progress of the child.
  • pick up the child on time or pay an afterschool charge.
  • call the office by 9 A.M. if the child is absent and submit an absent note the day the child returns to school.
  • notify the school in the event that there is a change in the person picking up the child.

Student Responsibilities

For anyone to learn, it is necessary to maintain a quiet and respectful atmosphere. There must be silence in the halls and on stairs. You are to enter the school each morning in a quiet and orderly manner; enter your classroom and prepare for learning.

Students need to:

  • Proper behavior is expected of all students.
  • Be respectful, cooperative, and courteous towards all persons at all times.
  • Not run, play rough, play ball, shout while in the Play Street.
  • Wear the required uniform AT ALL TIMES, unless using a NUT card or a Dress Down Day has been declared by the Principal.
  • Be prepared for classes each and every day. Homework, projects, and/or assignments must be given in on time.
  • Students are not permitted to use any electronic devices including cell phones during the school day. Any child caught using these devices will have it taken away. A parent/guardian must then come to school to pick it up.


Our uniform dress code is detailed in the handbook. You can buy your uniforms in our online store.