October Homework, Art

Grade 5 Homework

Due: 10/30 

Complete your Frank Stella Inspired designs.

Use only green, red, possibly yellow (in lieu of gold) and white. Small touches of another color are also acceptable.





Grades 6 and 7 Homework

Due: 10/30

Complete your Kandinsky Autumn leaves.

Use colored pencils and markers.






Grades 8 Homework

Due: Oct. 30

COMPLETE the project below. 

Draw a cute critter coming out of the box that you sketched in class. Make it large (like it barely fits into the box).

Use Piet Mondrian style to decorate the whole animal/ character OR certain parts of it.

Use green, red, yellow, gold, and silver only!



Grades 4 Homework

Due: Oct. 30

Complete your Piet Mondrian character.

Include a fun background. Color all areas.

Do not leave any of the background white. For example….the sky)


October 16, 2018

Grade 3 Homework Due: 10/23

Complete your Romero Brito style Pumpkin (if you didn’t finish in class).

Use bright colored markers and highlighters. Use a bold, wide black marker to outline around each section.

Be neat and have fun!

Share Romero Brito with your family. Watch this video!



 romero heart w children