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Following the updated NYC Science Scope & Sequence

with the guidance of the Next Generation Science Standards,

our Science curriculum is well structured for spiral progression, relevant to our modern demands & realities, college & career – ready,  teaching not only science facts but also hands-on science skills and applications where the student mostly discovers and experiences the science phenomena and comes up with their own scientific explanation and proof thus demonstrating strong understanding in the subject-matter with the teacher guiding them. This process creates the side-effect of making science lessons FUN!


  • Lessons are online at and our Science Google Classrooms.
  • Homeworks are posted by Saturday before the following school week.
  • STEM Lab days are on Wednesday while post-labs days and quizzes are on Friday.




Homework for the 2020-2021 Science Project:
Backgrounder: What is your favorite exercise or sport? What can we do to improve or fix problems in it? Instructions: Think of a problem that humans encounter in playing a specific sport or in doing a specific exercise. Think of an original or improved (your improvement) solution for that specific problem you came up with. The simplest solution is best. Use the NGSS science practices in solving your problem. Hand-in a 3″ x 5″ index card with your science project problem and the solution you came up with on the first full science class. A short explanation of your problem and solution are required. No data or pictures/model are needed on this due date. Only your project problem & solution. You are REQUIRED to watch and understand the Next Generation Science Standards: SCIENCE PRACTICES 1-8 by Bozeman. Use it as your guide. And don’t forget the most important thing? HAVE FUN! The link is attached here.
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