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Welcome Kindergarten Families!


 I am excited to welcome the new Kindergarten Class. You will find the Summer Homework located below.

Kindergarten Summer Homework

Supply List for Kinder


Online Class Schedule (Subject to change)

In the event where we may need to learn remotely this will be our online schedule. All parents will be given information to create a Class Dojo account so that we can be in contact when needed. All assignments will be posted so that if any students are absent, they will have access to the assignments.

8:30-9:00—Sign in for attendance and Morning Meeting 

9:00-10:00—Reading (ELA)


11:00-11:45-Science/Social Studies



Important Class Notes

(Depending on the school model for September) Subject to change!


  • You can send a morning snack with your child. Please make sure all snacks and home lunches are nut-free and healthy. Drinks are permitted as well, please no cans or soda. Students can bring beverages in cups with lids.
  • Arrival is at 8:20-8:30am at the main entrance on Judge Street. After 8:30am please use the red doors on 43rd Ave so students can go to the office for a late pass. Parents are not permitted in the building. All students will get a temperature check upon arrival. 
  • Please make sure your child has a mask to wear for the day and has an extra one in their backpacks for emergency. 
  • I ask all parents to create a “Care Package” labeled with their name for their child. I would like that to contain tissues, hand sanitizer, an extra mask and gloves. 
  • Dismissal will be at 3:00 at the main doors on Judge Street.
  • The lunch and breakfast menu for each month will be distributed to the students.
  • All student materials that will be used for the day will be in baskets next to their desks/tables. 
  • I ask that the pencil boxes that the children will be using should be checked daily and replenished when needed. The pencil boxes should contain pencils, markers, eraser, crayons, sharpener and colored pencils. I will fill their boxes with their school supplies and I ask parents to help and fill them when needed. 
  • The teachers in the classroom including me will be wearing masks at all times and gloves when needed. I will introduce the rules and procedures the first week of school. The rules will be strongly emphasized during our daily classroom routines to ensure the safety of the students. 
  • Please practice with your child how to tie their shoes and zip zippers to avoid unneeded contact.
  • Your child will be in a safe and caring classroom environment. If there are any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me by email 
  • The classroom set up will be designed by the CDC standards and we will maintain this set up for the entire school year. 
  • If your child is sick, they will need a doctors note to ensure they can return to school and they do not have Covid. We want to maintain the safety of the students and not put any other students at risk.
  • For lunch please make sure students have a ziplock in their bags to that they can put their masks inside and not risk losing their masks for the rest of the day. Lunch must be nut-free!!! Anything containing nuts will be sent back home. 


Each child will get a school folder with their name on it. That will be the only folder the children can use for their school work. There will be homework sent home in your child’s folder, notebook, and math book throughout the week. I will be posting homework on Class Dojo as well. There may be times where students will have to complete their homework on worksheets and activities that are online. Please make sure this gets completed. There will be daily homework in Math or/and ELA workbooks, workbooks need to be covered with contact paper. Check your child’s homework folder everyday because there may be worksheets or paperwork that need to be completed. Any books or stories that I send home as homework, please send back to school unless I indicate that it stays home. These stories are used throughout the week where the children learn various reading strategies

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