Mr. Belizario Wins Teacher Award!

Dear friends @ Koeppel:

I really appreciate Koeppel recognizing teachers. These couple of years had been very challenging as a teacher but with help and support from friends in the St.Bartholomew Catholic Academy community such as yourself, the task of preparing the future of our nation is a little bit easier. This is such an awesome gesture from an awesome company! Thank you so much. Zoom, zoom!

Much Obliged,
Francis Belizario

Virtual Session/ sesión virtual

Due to snow storm classes will be virtual on 2/1/2021 and 2/2/2021.

Debido a la tormenta de nieve, las clases serán virtuales el 2/1/2021 y 2/2/2021.

Digital Cookie Sale!

digital cookie sale logoThe girls at St. Bartholomew Catholic Academy work hard to learn and become great future leaders.

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